Curtis Taylor, Jr. is a Saint Louis native who has been a smoothie connoisseur for as long as he can remember. Always having had a passion for the arts, Taylor used his collegiate experience as an opportunity to leverage access for underrepresented voices as a bridge between education and art.

After completing his B.A. and Master’s in Education, Curtis then went on to work with companies and brands such as Instagram, Leo Burnett Chicago, Kastner & Partners LA, Red Bull, Shea Moisture and Kraft. Most recently, Curtis served as Director of Photography at Buzzfeed Motion Pictures in Los Angeles, CA, with a portfolio that spans disruptive, viral campaigns. Shortly after leaving Buzzfeed, Taylor and his partner went on to open, “The Greens”, a clothing boutique and art curation space in Columbia, MO. A few highlights of Curtis’ leadership work as a director of photography for high-impact projects include, DP’ing ‘Quinta Vs. Everything’ original series, with this series now streaming across the world’s biggest digital platforms, including Hulu, Amazon and Facebook Watch, garnering over an average of 15+ million views. Curtis’ DP work on BuzzFeed Tasty’s first-ever collaboration with rap supergroup MIGOS included a viral video campaign for their latest album Culture II, which amassed over 7+ million views in less than 48 hours.

Curtis is a next-gen creative and academic who strives to use his creativity to move the needle, liberating underrepresented voices everyday. Whether he is somewhere capturing creatives in their element or working on a documentary with Spike Lee, Curtis is a true agent of change and scholar in the creative industry.